Lion Recognizes Man Who Saved And Raised Her, She Won’t Let Go Of Him

Videos by Interestful on January 22, 2018

We all like to think there’s someone who will look out for us and care for us as long as we’re alive.

For lioness Sigra, she was just a newborn cub when Valentin Gruner rescued her after her mother was hunted down as a trophy. He noticed she was an orphan and that her chances of survival alone were zero.

He took her to his own wildlife sanctuary, Modisa Wildlife Project, and had her under better care, allowing her to grow up.


As he had to continue travelling, he had to leave Sigra, but promised that he would return soon to see how she had grown up.

It was almost a year before he was able to see her again, and she recognized him instantly! She leapt up on him and gave him a never ending hug!


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