Loud Man Was Talking On The Phone In A Busy Train. The Woman Next To Him Knew Exactly How To Make Him Quiet

Articles by Interestful on November 23, 2016

No-one really enjoys the dull commute to and from work, it can be tedious and can be made extra difficult when there are loud passengers.

One woman had a long day at work and just wanted a nice and peaceful train journey back home but apparently that was too much to ask for on that day. She had found a seat and sat down, giving her legs a rest after a long day. Moments later, the man next to her pulled out his cellphone and called his wife.

He spoke with an unnecessarily loud voice, disturbing everyone and especially her. She asked the man if he could lower his voice a little but he rudely replied and told her to find a seat elsewhere.

He carried on with his loud conversation until she thought of the perfect way to make him hang up his phone, and it left him red-faced and embarrassed!



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