Mom Creates Mini “Ninja Warrior” Course For Her Son And Everyone Loves It

Videos by Interestful on January 22, 2018

Watching shows like “Ninja Warrior” and similar challenge course shows really makes us think how we would perform there.

While they look fun, they’re often incredibly difficult, even proving too much of a challenge for athletes.

When mom noticed her little boy interested in the show, she thought about building a miniature course for him in their backyard.

With everything in place, he dressed up in his sports gear, put on his headband and launched off the start line.

His first encounter was stepping stones, which he carefully navigated his way across, making sure not to step off of them.


His next obstacle was a balancing log, taking small steps to keep his balance.


Next he had to duck under the low bar without knocking it off.


Then reaching his final obstacle, having to wriggle his way under the bar without hitting it off.


And we have a winner!

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