No One Wanted To Give Him A Job So He Bought Some Tomatoes. Genius!

Articles by Interestful on November 8, 2016

A father of three and caring husband found himself stuck as unemployed. His family were not supportive and they were partially the reason that the ended up unemployed to begin with.

After searching, he found a janitorial role at a large tech based firm. He passed all of their test but when they found out he didn’t have an e-mail address, they told him to leave.

Before he got home, he noticed mini fruit market and bought a tray of tomatoes. He carried it to the other side of town and began selling them at double the price.

It wasn’t long until he realized that he could make a very good living off the tomato business and he did just that!

5 years later and he couldn’t have imagined how far he had got. Incredible!



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