No One Wished Him A Happy Birthday Except His Secretary. So He Went To Her House And Got A Nasty Surprise!

Articles by Interestful on November 6, 2016

A father woke up on his 40th birthday, expecting it would be a splendid day and that everyone he came across would wish him well. He started off going downstairs to the kitchen where his wife was, she barely said good morning to him let alone a birthday wish. Oh well, that’s arrange for you.

His kids rushed down from their rooms with their school attire on, grabbing breakfast. But even they didn’t wish their dad a happy birthday either. Sad, he left the house and went to his workplace, where he’s a boss. His secretary greeted him and was the first and only person to wish him a happy birthday, which cheered him up some.

They went out for a birthday meal later and then back to her apartment to celebrate, but he got more of a surprise than he was expecting!


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