Pregnant Woman Couldn’t Pay For Groceries And Began Crying. That’s When The Old Woman Noticed…

Articles by Interestful on November 19, 2016

If you’ve ever been out shopping for groceries and then found yourself unable to pay the bill, you know it can really suck. Or maybe you’ve seen it happen to someone else and you can just feel their pain and embarrassment.

One woman finally packed all of her groceries and the bill totalled up to over $300. As she used her card to pay with, it got declined. She was certain her card would work since she picked it up earlier in the day from the bank and they said that it would work immediately.

Shocked and stunned, she stood there not knowing what to do next, while looking after her young child and dealing with the difficulties of pregnancy.

An old woman who was also in the queue stepped in to give her an “early Christmas present” and paid the full amount of her bill for her, leaving her in tears and everyone else too!




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