Rude Woman Came To Buy A Coffee Everyday. One Day The Manager Had Enough And Left Her Embarrassed!

Articles by Interestful on November 25, 2016

Working in a restaurant comes with its stresses, customers are not always right yet you still have to do right by them. One woman was working at a small cafe while she was also studying her college degree.

The cafe was new and they were always going above and beyond to look after their customers so that they could see them return and increase their business. One woman always came in with her own food and demanded the waitress to toast it and prepare it for her. It wasn’t her duty to toast outside food but she did it anyway, to keep the customer happy.

One day the woman got too comfortable and skipped the line and placed her bagel on the counter and went back to join the queue. When she got there, she noticed her bagel was untouched and started to insult the waitress.

That’s when the manager came out and set things straight with the rude customer!



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