Young Boy Packed His Bags To Go And Visit God Until He Met A Woman In The Park

Articles by Interestful on November 24, 2016

Where do you look to if you want to find God? Is there a special place where God will appear? A little boy wanted to visit God and didn’t know where to start.

He got some snacks together in a suitcase for his journey and simply set off, waking around his neighborhood, trying to find a way o find God.

He made it there blocks from his house when he found a small park and decided to take a short break. He went to sit down and get a bite to eat when he noticed and elderly woman sitting on the park bench who looked hungry. He selflessly offered her some of his food and it made her very happy, smiling at him once she noticed he was feeding her.

They spent the day in the park in silence but just appreciating each others company before setting home that evening.

When they arrived home, they both had a story to tell their family!




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